Dr. Joshua J. Berger Emphasizes International Collaboration on Visit to Korea

The new medical director of the Los Angeles branch of CHA Fertility Centers, Dr. Joshua J. Berger, visited Korea late last November to observe and enhance collaboration efforts between fertility experts in the United States and their colleagues and counterparts in Korea.

The conference, which drew Korea’s top fertility experts such as Directors Tae Ki Yoon (윤태기 원장) and Jae Ho Lee (이재호 실장), and Doctors Jung Jae Ko (고정재), Kyung–Ah Lee (이경아), Kyubum Kwack (곽규범), Sung Han Shim (심성한), Young Sok Choi (최영석), Nam Keun Kim (김남근), Haengseok Song (송행석), Gi Jin Kim (김기진), and Dong Ryul Lee (이동률), discussed a number of topics related to reproductive medicine and patient care.

Of particular interest were the discussions centered on big data and medical informatics. CHA Fertility Center has leveraged these disruptive technologies to support research and treatment, both in the United States and in Korea. Both countries have proven to be excellent venues for studies involving patients, birth rates, and other issues related to infertility.

Dr. Berger was impressed with the medical and research staff at the three CHA facilities he visited in Korea—the CHA Fertility Centers at Seoul Station and at Gangnam and the CHA Bio Complex.

“The entire integrative approach that our Founder Dr. Kwang Yul Cha has successfully implemented,” Dr. Berger observes, “brings multiple disciplines and departments together to reach a common goal of advancing translatable science from the benchtop to the clinic.”

Furthermore, Dr. Berger, who has decades of experience in obstetrics, gynecology and infertility research, compared the CHA Bio Complex with U.S. infertility research facilities, saying, “To have not just one center but all centers feeding in and working towards that goal is something I have not really encountered in the United States in all of my years — at least nothing with the breadth that we see at the CHA Bio Complex.”

Dr. Berger notes with enthusiasm that the CHA Fertility Center in Los Angeles looks forward to further collaboration between the United States and Korea when it comes to advancing fertility research and treatment success rates worldwide.