Celebrating the Preciousness of Life

Some people would consider Dr. Kwang Yul Cha to be an ambitious individual. After all, his important work in infertility and sterility spans two nations: both the United States of America and South Korea, his native country. His company, CHA Health Systems (also referred to as CHS), is considered to be the premiere health conglomerate in South Korea and has been instrumental in assisting couples in conceiving and growing a healthy family of children. Likewise, CHS has become an influential presence in Los Angeles, California, particularly since its acquisition of the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, making it the largest privately owned hospital in that famous and highly populous city.

However, Dr. Kwang Yul Cha has ambitions that extend well beyond the ownership and operation of important health centers in both South Korea and the United States. Not satisfied to be only a leader in the field of infertility and sterility and a model for many other aspiring physicians with an eye to bringing joy, laughter, and life to young new families, Dr. Kwang Yul Cha also focuses on many charitable endeavors as well.

For instance, Dr. Kwang Yul Cha has been instrumental in assisting students through their medical college studies by helping with their tuition and other educational expenses. From his point of view, seeing an entirely new generation of caring and patient-focused physicians and medical assistants growing in their knowledge and experience ensures that medical advances and treatments in the future will go farther in both saving lives as well as improving the living circumstances of those who have suffered from medical crises, whether through illness or accidents.

Along this same line of medical care and support, Dr. Kwang Yul Cha has offered assistance and financial aid to those in need of health treatments and procedures, but who are financially unable to pay for such medical care and have limited or no insurance coverage. Due to his reputation and standing within the communities of both South Korea and America, Dr. Kwang Yul Cha has been at the center of many fundraising efforts that allows additional and necessary medical research for incurable diseases with an eye towards finding remedies to eradicate illnesses that have been taking away the lives of persons at the prime of their lives, thus offering thousands of deserving individuals new leases on their lives.

Another area where Dr. Kwang Yul Cha has made his presence felt and appreciated is within his own medical centers. By offering free cardiac surgery to those who cannot afford this lifesaving procedure, including many foreign nationals, hundreds of men, women, and children have Dr. Kwang Yul Cha to thank for giving them new hope and opportunities for a full and satisfying future.

It should come as no surprise that Dr. Kwang Yul Cha has been the recipient of many awards and honors due to his years of giving and sharing his skills and knowledge to the world of medicine and health. For instance, in 2012, the Hollywood Chamber Community Foundation named Dr. Kwang Yul Cha as one of the “Heroes of Hollywood” which is a distinguished honor bestowed to persons in the Los Angeles area who have made contributions above and beyond normal charitable works and efforts.

If one were to label Dr. Kwang Yul Cha as ambitious, that person would have to add a footnote indicating that his true ambition is to see a healthier and happier world, where couples of all nationalities, ethnicities, and genders can have loving families of healthy and happy children!